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African insights 12 October 2021

We're all in

Involvement or commitment. Ever considered the difference?

There’s nothing wrong with being involved. Nothing wrong with dabbling.  But commitment – now there’s something completely different. It’s binary. It’s either on, or it’s off. Commitment is a necessary condition for success because we understand that nobody ever made anything great by mistake. In our world of corporate and investment banking – and likely in your world too –  commitment is the uncommon denominator.

And that’s why we’re all in. 

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ESG Podcast series

An increased focus on Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) policies and actions is changing the way businesses interact with the community and environment around them. We have partnered with leading broadcasters to have conversations with expert voices on the opportunities to create positive impact in business and society. It can't just be some of us shaping a more sustainable future, we have to be all in.

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