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WEF 2022 Unlocking Digital Innovation Pieter
Innovation 17 Jun 2022

Unlocking Digital Innovation for Net Zero

In his comments at the end of the session; Unlocking digital innovation for Net Zero, Standard Bank’s Corporate and Investment Banking Head of Digital, Pieter Swiegers says, “although the focus of the talk was on the European context, the lessons can be applied to African companies. The panel’s recommendations show how the Standard Bank Group is on track in playing its part for reaching Net Zero".

The bank has already rolled out several digital programmes internally and externally to reduce its carbon footprint, a stance it adopted when it became the first African bank, and one of the first in the world, to sign and lead the Principles of Responsible Banking at the United Nations in 2019.

Pieter Swiegers adds:

As a signatory to the Principles for Responsible Banking (PRB), Standard Bank is committed to ensuring that our business strategy is consistent with and contributes to society’s needs and priorities, as expressed by the UN sustainable development goals (SDGs), the Paris Agreement, the AU’s Agenda 2063, and sustainable banking frameworks in our countries of operation.

In line with these commitments, Standard Bank has published its Climate Policy outlining its goal to reach Net Zero across our group operations for newly built facilities by 2030 and for existing facilities by 2040. Through our own facilities, we have begun reducing our carbon footprint through smart building practices, waste reduction and energy efficiency.

Also, as part of our long-term commitment to drive the right environmental decisions and with the commercial sustainability of our clients in mind, Standard Bank has developed PowerPulse. This is a digital platform designed and built to transform the way we produce, deliver and consume renewable energy. PowerPulse enables our clients to engage with accredited energy solution providers, in an efficient and competitive manner, to deliver cost saving and sustainable energy solutions for their business.

These, along with our Sustainability Finance Framework for investing projects across Africa, will enable us to gradually transition from a carbon-intensive society to a truly sustainable infrastructure that enables economic development at all levels.