Corporate and Investment
Innovation 22 September 2023

CreditConnect: Revolutionising the bond market through digital innovation

CreditConnect, our digital bond market platform, is transforming the way you engage with and execute bond issuances.

The platform serves as a robust ecosystem, empowering you with access to market intelligence. This enables you to effortlessly identify, evaluate, and execute funding and investment opportunities, while fostering transparency and accessibility within the bond market.

How does CreditConnect support you?

  • Live Auctions - participate in live primary issuance auctions, view auction results and facilitate post trade execution of transactions
  • Private transactions - Easy and quick execution of private placements with carefully selected investors
  • Market sounding - Participate in or create an interest in potential issuances for both private placements and public auctions
  • Paperwork - Digital creation of transaction documentation prior and post your transaction – easily accessible in a deal room

Since its launch, the platform has successfully facilitated 44 deals for 11 corporate issuers, with an impressive total allocated value of R45 billion, thanks to your trust and partnership which have been instrumental in the platform's success. We remain committed to enhancing CreditConnect's capabilities and expanding its impact on the bond market ecosystem.

For more information visit our webpage, or contact us on [email protected] if you have questions.