Corporate and Investment

Corporate and Investment Banking (SA) Complaints Process

Corporate and Investment Banking (SA) strives to conduct its business in accordance with the values and Code of Ethics that the Standard Bank Group has adopted, as well as in compliance with applicable laws, rules and standards. We are committed to treating clients fairly and resolving complaints in an efficient, prompt and professional manner.

Detailed below is an overview of the complaints process that applies when a client is not satisfied with a product offering or level of service.

Lodging of a complaint:

In addition to the various banking platforms through which complaints and queries may be lodged, clients may lodge a complaint:

  • Directly with their relationship manager / Client Co-ordinator;
  • With the relevant product personnel that they are engaging or interacting with;
  • For Trade, Cash Management and Payments (International and Domestic) related product and service offerings: Please contact your dedicated service consultant or alternatively, if you do not have a dedicated consultant, please contact our Premier Service Desk on 0800 776 228 or email [email protected].

Subsequent to receiving a complaint:

The client will be notified within 2 business days after receipt of the complaint, of the following:

  • that the complaint has been received;
  • the name and contact details of the employee to whom the complaint has been assigned, with a view to resolving the complaint; and
  • an indication as to when a response, regarding the outcome of the complaint, should be expected.

Thereafter regular progress updates will be provided to the client until an outcome regarding the complaint has been reached.

We endeavour to resolve all complaints received timeously and in accordance with the timelines outlined in applicable legislation, regulations and or standards set by the relevant Regulatory bodies (collectively referred to as “Regulatory timeframes”). Notwithstanding the Regulatory Timeframes we (depending on the nature of the complaint) aim to resolve all complaints within 5 to 20 Business days.

In the event of any delay, the employee who has been assigned responsibility for managing the complaint will accordingly notify the client, including with reference to the reason for the delay, as well as advise as to the revised time period by when an outcome is likely to be finalised.

Unresolved client complaints

If the complaint is not resolved or if the client does not accept the outcome of the complaint, the client may seek further recourse through the mechanisms afforded under applicable legislation and/or regulations.

It should be noted that the respective Ombuds and Regulators require complaints to be lodged within four to six months after the client has received an outcome from the Bank. We therefore urge our clients to contact the relevant Ombudsman or Regulatory Authority without delay.

The list of Regulators and Ombudsman to whom a client may escalate or lodge a complaint can be found in the attached PDF document.