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AUTHENTIFI™ gives you the confidence of knowing your customer

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At Standard Bank, we understand that, with the risk of fraud ever prevalent and cash flow challenges from creditor non-performance, executing successful collection and payment strategies are becoming as difficult as they are essential. We’re here to help.

One of the biggest obstacles to overcome is a lack of actionable client data. While sourcing accurate information about creditors can be a problem in itself, with incomplete data coming from a variety of different sources, consolidation and accuracy of the information are the real challenges.

Standard Bank has collaborated with NUTUN Credit Health, a market leader in proprietary data collection and analytics, to bring you a unique, single source of all the information needed to verify your customers, a simple solution that also eliminates the need to integrate new technology into your business.

Utilising best-in-class technology, in collaboration with NUTUN Credit Health  and delivered via OneHub, AUTHENTIFI™  combines big data and business intelligence capabilities to empower smarter decision-making processes, which drive informed and agile payment and collection strategies.

The benefits of enhanced digital business intelligence:

Optimised cost and efficiencies

Improved collection success

Improved cash flow

Enhanced risk management

Enhance your business’ capabilities