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8 August 2022

Why She Leads

When women become leaders, they have the capability to make bold decisions that drive meaningful change and transform industries.

Women  in Investment Banking  are leading the way by combating outdated gender stereotypes, highlighting the importance of diversity and proving why they have more than earned their seat at the table.  Every influential woman has more than one story, and this Women’s Month, we shine a light on the diverse experiences of 10 women in investment banking as they journey through the triumphs and challenges of being bankers, wives, friends, mothers, daughters and sisters.As we celebrate their achievements, we also thank them for opening the doors for the next generation of female investment bankers to proudly step through, into a future embracing merit, diversity and inclusivity.

Meet the Sheroes
Sasha   Cook
Head, Investment Banking, Western Cape
Sherrill   Byrne
Executive, Energy and Infrastructure
Anneke   Lund
Executive, Sustainable Finance
Marilyn   Maki
Head, Energy & Infrastructure, Trade & Corporate Financing Solutions
Marita   Koti
Head, Legal: Investment Banking
Mphokolo   Makara
Executive Head, Energy and Infrastructure, East Africa
Mulalo   Takaedza
Senior Vice-president, Structured Capital
Neha   Bantha
Senior Transactor, Structured Capital, Leverage Finance
Simone-Louise   Hutchings
Executive, Loan Syndication and Sales
Melanie   Elephant
Executive, Corporate Financing Solutions