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Sectors 10 May 2023

Making a meaningful impact in the Healthcare sector

A keen focus on the private healthcare sector and a pioneering approach to the provision of financial services are enabling us to widen access to high-quality health services.

Standard Bank is no stranger to the private healthcare sector. For more than a decade, we have maintained a keen group-wide focus on providing support to every facet of the healthcare ecosystem – from the provision of unique financing solutions and advisory services, specialised banking solutions for medical professionals – to providing  employee wellness benefits at scale – and our wholly-owned subsidiary, Liberty, Africa’s largest health insurance provider operating in 26 countries across the continent.

A pioneering approach to sector financing

Our support of the sector focuses on hospital groups, pharmaceutical companies and diagnostics services. Beyond our suite of world-class universal banking capabilities, however, we believe it’s our unique approach to financing that sets us apart in this sector.

Providing greenfield financing for the building of hospitals and supporting established clients has afforded us extensive exposure and a deep understanding of the drivers of the Healthcare ecosystem. This has allowed us to provide competitive and innovative solutions to our clients

We are also proud of the work we have done in supporting empowered private acute healthcare and pharmaceutical groups in the transformation of the sector.

Partnering with OEMs

Through strategic partnerships with OEMs, we have been able to finance medical equipment that broadens access to high-quality health services. With a strong focus on delivering Radiology, Diagnostic Imaging, Emergency services and Nuclear Medicine, we’re making it possible to enhance well-being and save lives through advanced studies and interventions to detect tumours and treat chronic diseases such as cancer.

Over the past four years, we have disbursed to healthcare specialists and facilities in various disciplines. This has enabled the leveraging of cutting-edge healthcare technology and equipment to improve the quality of healthcare in South Africa by focusing on access to technology, the development of skills, and the sustainability of healthcare facilities.

Using this South African initiative as a blueprint, we have also extended this offering to various countries on the African continent

We believe that further investment into cutting-edge technology,  will make a difference in addressing the healthcare needs on the continent – and will make a significant positive impact in the lives of its citizens.

Leading the way with sustainability-linked finance

We are also proud to partner with clients in achieving meaningful environmental, social and governance (ESG) change via our sustainability-linked loans and bonds. In 2021, we executed Africa’s first sustainability-linked bond on behalf of Netcare to raise R1 billion. The climate-smart deal includes targets for Netcare to reduce its energy consumption and procure more renewable energy, reduce total carbon emissions, and improve its water efficiency.

Extending primary healthcare services to employed South Africans

We recognise the transformative role financial institutions can play in making access to quality healthcare services a reality for all in line with the Universal Health Coverage initiative. It is in this spirit that we launched BeWell, an employer-funded telemedicine solution to support employees’ primary healthcare needs.

The platform enables employees  instant access to WhatsApp or video chat consultations with qualified nurses,  referrals to a network of over 10,000 GPs and medical professionals, and the ability to collect medication from a pharmacy nearby.

For a low monthly rate, employees can access over 100 additional benefits including basic pathology and radiology tests and scans, basic dental and optometry benefits, HIV screening and treatment, maternity scans, flu vaccinations and more.

Interested in learning more?

If you’d like to find out more about how we may assist your organisation to achieve its ambitions, please get in touch  to begin the conversation.