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Sectors 13 June 2022

Driving Africa’s just energy transition

Unlocking Africa’s growth through sustainable energy

The African continent continues to be one of the world’s fastest-growing economic hubs, and prioritising the improvement of Africa’s power and infrastructure is key to unlocking further growth.

As a bank with unrivalled expertise in the energy sector, we are committed to partnering with businesses and other relevant stakeholders to ensure that we find the right solutions to improve and expand power and infrastructure in order to drive Africa’s growth. We support renewable energy projects by using our insights to provide tailored finance or refinancing solutions with minimal risk and volatility.

We understand that the continued development of power and infrastructure will result in increased productivity and economic activity for the continent, and as such, we want to play our role to facilitate a just energy transition for Africa. We believe that a just energy transition is one that prioritises maximising the social and economic opportunities of climate action while minimising and carefully managing any challenges.

Standard Bank is a proud sponsor of the annual Africa Energy Forum, and we look forward to using the platform to engage in discussions about the role that we all have to play in ensuring the successful facilitation of a just energy transition that benefits the futures of all African citizens.

Find out more about how we’re driving this evolution forward.