Equity derivatives

A track record of excellence

Equity derivatives provide effective solutions for managing risk and yield enhancement in equity investments. Deriving value from one or more underlying equity securities, equity derivatives are traded to transfer risks associated with the underlying security. Standard Bank’s strategic emerging markets focus enables us to offer our clients new opportunities for managing equity-related risks via derivatives.

This is who we are:

  • Our personnel have a long-term track record of excellence in the South African derivatives market.
  • We offer highly competitive pricing and efficient execution of both vanilla and structured derivative trades due to our large balance sheet, risk appetite and leading market maker position.
  • We offer a solution-focused, creative approach and will tailor products to the specific needs of our clients.
  • With multi-asset class focus and ability to manage complex risk, we provide clients with innovative hybrid products including multi-asset options as well as more complex options, often referred to as exotic derivative payoffs.
  • We are strategically aligned to our stock broking business, SBG Securities, which improves our execution capabilities.
  • Our long-standing relationships with local companies means that we mostly have pre-approved credit lines in place allowing for fast deal approval and minimal internal governance.
  • Our team has access to accounting and tax specialists to assist in making transactions efficient.
  • Strong administration and support staff including dedicated scrip lending, credit, legal, IT and risk personnel enable efficient deal approval and documentation of transactions.

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