Realising the full potential of Africa and China


The strategic partnership between Standard Bank and ICBC has the ability to realise the full potential that African and China have in each other.

For Africa, China represents a source of unrivalled investment, intellectual capital, skills and know how. These have the ability to transform the continent, setting it on a growth trajectory that will eradicate poverty by equipping African economies for effective and competitive global trade.

For China, Africa presents the world’s last frontier, presenting huge opportunities – from industrial expansion to renminbi internationalisation. Getting this opportunity right will evolve China’s domestic market into a higher skills and services-and-technology based economy. This will increase China’s global competitiveness, secure growth and sustain domestic stability.  

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Features and benefits of Standard Bank's Africa China Banking Centre

General Banking

  • Balance enquiries on transactional accounts
  • Transaction history
  • Increase withdrawal and electronic account payment limits (EAP)
  • Settlement balances and general enquiries on loan accounts
  • Linked accounts
  • Statements
  • Student loans applications
  • Recall payments  
  • Passwords and assistance with digital and online access (eg loading beneficiaries)


  • Balances/Settlement balances
  • Outstanding authorisations
  • Debit order facilities  
  • Billing dates
  • Bundling of credit cards
  • Renewal cards
  • Statement enquiries
  • International travel enquires and card activations.
  • FICA requirements and regulations FICA


  • Client orientation on the Retail Forex System (RFS)
  • Exchange control information
  • Forex products (Bills of Exchange; Foreign Currency Notes and MoneyGram)
  • Support and information on Shyft (Standard Bank’s forex app) Shyft
  • Information on Direct Payments between Standard Bank and ICBC accounts

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