Spire Awards affirm Standard Bank’s client-centric approach

Dec 01, 2016

Walking away from the 15th annual JSE Spire Awards in 2016 with six accolades covering fixed income, currency and commodity derivatives markets, “confirmed the relevance of Standard Bank’s client-centric strategy - delivering consistently good work in a tough macro-economic environment,” said Stephen Barnes, Head, Client Solutions & Distribution for Global Markets at Standard Bank.

Standard Bank’s success in developing bespoke solutions that guide clients through volatile markets was acknowledged by the receipt of the award for Best Structuring Team in Inflation, Credit and FX.

In addition, Standard Bank came first in the following categories:  

  • Best Market Making Team – Interest Rate Derivatives
  • Best On-Screen Market Making Team – FX
  • Best Research Team – FX
  • Best Sales Team – FX
  • Best Research Team – Africa

“These awards reflect the confidence that institutional investors have in Standard Bank’s ability to provide relevant, research-driven direction in a difficult and information-poor environment experiencing high levels of uncertainty, risk and increased levels of default,” added Mr Barnes.

Despite a challenging macro-economic environment, Standard Bank’s client-centric approach helped clients think about risk differently - developing the systems, philosophies and detailed approaches capable of navigating risk and managing volatility.

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