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Building partnerships for meaningful impact
African insights 3 March 2021

Building partnerships for meaningful impact

Make your long-term vision a reality, with a partner as invested as you are.

At Standard Bank we understand that as a leader, you have dreams and you are a catalyst for great change. But you need a committed ally to back your ambition. Thanks to our innovative and forward-thinking approach, initiatives such as our sustainable agriculture partnerships are setting up a better future for the next generation.
Set in 2071, this is a story of a dream realised with an invested partner
Read more about the work we're doing for our future, today
OneFarm Share
OneFarm Share

Standard Bank’s OneFarm Share platform provides over 1 million meals for food relief

Sustainable finance image set
Driving sustainability

Driving sustainable growth and profitability by doing business the right way

TMS Video
Unpacking Treasury Management Solutions

The launch of a digital platform that automates treasury functions

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