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We are continuously evolving to align ourselves to partner outside of Africa, to secure the key trade flows into Africa.

Partnering with the ICC to develop universally adopted sustainable trade finance standards and rules, supports our purpose to facilitate trade and investment flows within African countries, and between African countries and global markets in a way that promotes sustainable and inclusive economic growth,” says Vinod Madhavan, Head of Trade for Standard Bank Group. “As a global bank linking international capital to African opportunity, we are, alive to the pressures on global multinationals and other businesses to ‘green their supply chains’ - by meeting the growing social, economic and environmental expectations of consumers, global legislation and society.” Read more on how we are working with ICC to build global best practice in Sustainable Trade Finance. 

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Fast, efficient and reliable trade finance solutions

Download brochure- Risk-based solutions to support trade finance for Global Financial institutions in Africa

Securing performance and payment obligations

Download brochure - Trading with confidence with bank guarantees

Supporting your trading activities across different regulatory environments

Download brochure - Documentary collections to manage and mitigate trade risks across Africa

Download brochure - Documentary credits to manage and mitigate trade risks across Africa

Open Account Trade Finance Solutions

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Standard Bank's representation in emerging markets globally and strong relationships with international correspondent banks in all major markets positions us well to provide superior trade services to meet our clients' cross-border trade requirements.

Our skilled professionals have diverse industry expertise, and leverage the group's geographic strength to deliver timeous and effective solutions to both established and new traders.
We offer integrated solutions, customised to our clients' specific requirements, and ensure that we develop the most suitable solutions by collaborating with other specialist business units within the bank. These include:

  • Commodity and currency hedging
  • Foreign exchange
  • Structured trade finance
  • We also offer a range of value-added services
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