Client Solutions

Client Solutions provides Standard Bank’s clients with access to the market using various funding, risk mitigation and yield enhancement strategies.

The team provides structured and innovative solutions across multiple asset classes to corporates,state owned enterprises, governments and institutional investors in Sub-Saharan Africa.Consideration is given to all aspects of proposed solutions including capital and regulatory issues, documentation, timing of execution, accounting, tax and exchange control.

Our in-country market expertise enables us to provide and execute sophisticated market solutions, tailored for the nuances and unique requirements of the relevant local markets. By combining innovation, proprietary technology and quantitative expertise, we are able to define, develop and execute customised solutions in a broad range of applications.

Multiple asset class solutions and products include:

Solutions Products
Corporate and project specific hedging solutions Interest rate swaps, interest rate options, inflation-linked swaps
Foreign currency hedging solutions for importers and exporters and transaction specific structured FX solutions FX forwards, FX swaps, FX options and cross currency interest rate swaps
Foreign currency funding solutions for commercial and central banks Repos, FX swaps and cross currency interest rate swaps
Equity structuring and hedging for employee share incentive schemes and Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) schemes Equity forwards and options
Collateralised funding solutions for individuals and corporates Equity financing, monetised collars and equity repos
Commodity price risk management Futures, forwards and options
Counterparty risk mitigation CDS, CCDS and CLNs
Duration management and hedging solutions for institutional investors

Interest rate swaps, bond forwards and futures, interest rate options and inflation-linked swaps

Structured FX solutions including FX options

Single stock / index hedging via vanilla and exotic equity options, equity futures and equity forwards

Yield enhancement strategies for institutional investors

CDS and CLNs

Commodity and equity ETFs

Structured notes including FX-, interest rate-, credit- and equity-linked notes as well as hybrid notes

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