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Africa is becoming increasingly important in the global trade economy, with abundant natural resources that are important for both emerging and developed economies globally. Yet, the contraction in global credit has seen many international institutions limit their risk appetite or withdraw from trade finance in Africa.

Standard Bank is active in trade finance in Africa, backed by our strong balance sheet, sufficient capital and liquidity, and risk appetite. With an extensive on-the-ground presence on the continent and in key financial centres, we offer competitive funding costs and experienced teams to help your business find success in every transaction. We also help clients leverage their commodities or receivables as collateral.

We provide liquidity to help deepen intra-African trade and increase trade flows between the continent and other emerging market regions. With long-standing experience in natural resources, we are the right partner in trade finance across the energy, metals and mining, and agricultural sectors.

As an originator of African risk, we create suitable and stable investment channels for investors who are looking to increase African risk in their portfolio but require a partner with the skill and experience to ensure it matches their appetite and investment strategy.

Trade and commodity finance solutions
Why talk to us?
  • Our team has been drawn from diverse sector backgrounds with distinct yet complementary skills in the structured trade and commodity finance arena.
  • We combine international banking expertise with a deep knowledge of local conditions to develop appropriate solutions that mitigate risks in trade flows and transactions.
  • We secure innovative and flexible financing for our clients, based on technical expertise and experience in successful deal execution.
  • We provide in-depth analyses of local and global commodity trends, and stay abreast of the latest developments.
  • Our risk appetite for African counterparties makes us a relevant banking partner for entities trading in, for and across Africa.
  • We manage, monitor and help control a transaction over its expected life, from origination to final maturity.
  • With international standing in trade finance, we can take clients to international markets where a transaction requires access to funding beyond the capability of one institution.
  • We are active partners in regional growth and development, playing a significant role in facilitating and financing major transactions across energy, natural resources and agriculture.
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Recent Deals
USD 35 million CMA facility

Standard Bank arranged and underwrote a USD35 million Collateral Management Agreement (CMA) for AFGRI Mauritius Investments Limited (AMIL) to finance the purchase of soft commodities stores in collateral managed locations across its African subsidiaries.

Brait Virgin Active ZAR 12.2 billion

Standard Bank advised Brait in relation to its acquisition of an ~80% interest in the Virgin Active Group and acted as Corporate Finance Advisor to Brait on this ZAR12.2 billion investment.

Brait New Look GBP 783 million

In another landmark transaction, Brait recently acquired a 90% interest in New Look, a leading fast value fashion clothing retailer in the UK for GBP783 million.

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