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Increasing intra Africa Trade and leveraging international trade corridors is key towards future growth says Standard Bank
Sep 18, 2019

As global trade sees continued slowdown coupled with a decline in global economic growth, sub-Saharan Africa has the potential to foster new trade opportunities and expand on existing trade corridors across the continent.

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Standard Bank identifies opportunities in Africa for Japanese investors
Aug 21, 2019

With a population of over a billion people, rapid urbanisation and accelerating economic growth, the African market presents a valuable proposition for Japanese investors. Key to maximising the benefits of this investment, is being able to identify the correct opportunities. Standard Bank has been at the forefront of major developments across Africa. Among the key growth sectors that have been identified is oil and gas.

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Standard Bank identifies untapped opportunities in the Soft Drinks market in Africa
Jul 30, 2019

Standard Bank has launched an in-depth study, looking at unpacking trends across part of the growing consumer sector in East Africa.

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A new empowerment model is key to rebuilding South Africas construction sector
Jul 25, 2019

Re-ignition of infrastructure policy can drive transformation and broader economic growth

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Standard Bank Identifies Eight Key Areas to Improve SA Nigeria Cooperation
Jun 25, 2019

Africa’s biggest lender says SA and Nigeria should focus more on how they can learn from each other

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East Africa presents diversified growth opportunities for South African business
Jun 18, 2019

The region’s industrial and services sectors in need of South African operational expertise.

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Energy landscape in Africa transitions to base load capable renewables
Jun 11, 2019

Technology disruption presents opportunity for Renewables, African utilities and their funders.

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Supply chain finance innovation addressing trade finance gap in Africa
May 15, 2019

Enhanced integration between financiers, fintech’s and global and African corporates enabled by digital innovation, especially in supply chain finance, is providing banks sight and capability across the entire trade finance ecosystem. These advances are aiding the assessment of risk and identifying new synergies for financial institutions to close Africa’s trade finance gap using digital finance techniques.

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Standard Bank secures custody and derivatives business of leading brokerage firm in South Africa
May 02, 2019

Strength of digital offering and established relationship secures Legae Peresec mandate.

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Africa to see continued oil & gas investment over next five years, says Standard Bank
Apr 24, 2019

Africa is likely to experience continued oil and gas investment over the next three to five years as the stabilisation of crude prices above US$ 60 a barrel, coupled with the continent’s rapidly expanding population, lure both major and independent oil producers to one of the world’s last remaining energy investment frontiers, says Standard Bank.

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Standard Bank working with ICC to build global best practice in Sustainable Trade Finance
Apr 10, 2019

As the International Chamber of Commerce’s (ICC) celebrates its centenary at the ICC Banking Commission Annual Meeting in Beijing from 8-11 April, an important milestone on the journey to achieve a globally accepted Sustainable Trade Finance framework will be reached.

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US Africa Pension Funds explore investment opportunities in Sub Saharan Africa
Apr 09, 2019

Standard Bank and Bank of New York Mellon, in collaboration with the the NASP-USAID Investment Partnership for Mobilizing Institutional Investors to Develop Africa's Infrastructure (“MiDA”) recently hosted a series of US Africa Pension Fund roundtables in Johannesburg with representatives of major US, African and South African pension funds and asset management firms.

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Global environmental trends sustain growth of palladium and rhodium ETF values in 2019
Mar 26, 2019

Platinum ETFs remain popular despite losing value relative to palladium and rhodium notes

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Standard Bank study outlines Rovuma LNG’s potential to transform Mozambique
Mar 20, 2019

USD15 to USD18 billion GDP boost set to place Mozambique on higher growth path.

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African capital markets continue steady development
Mar 19, 2019

Increasingly agile capital markets grow continents’ regional and global portfolio flows

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Innovative and transformational deal secures dual local and global buy in
Mar 14, 2019

In a structure requiring no equity injection from the participating shareholders, Standard Bank acted as sole financial advisor, transaction sponsor and funder to Sanlam on its transformational B-BBEE transaction announced on 31 October 2018 and completed in March 2019.

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Technology steadily deepening international trade as global multilateral leadership shifts East
Mar 12, 2019

Underscored by the United States’ trade war with China, the continued fragmentation and shift of global soft power from the developed West to Asia tends to dominate global headlines.

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Africa’s dynamic property sector
Mar 08, 2019

Women in Property Network Conference seeks to empower women in real estate

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Standard Bank builds international payments blockchain
Feb 28, 2019

Scalable private permission cloud-based distributed ledger platform to revolutionise foreign exchange payments and settlement.

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Examine your savings goals early to maximise tax benefits, says Standard Bank
Feb 20, 2019

With the country in election mode and Minister Mboweni facing myriad demands across the fiscus, it is unlikely that South Africans will see significant changes or new taxes introduced during the budget announcement on 20 February.

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Use a personal budget to tighten your belt and save, says Standard Bank
Feb 20, 2019

Standard Bank PBB Head of Commercial Banking, Craig Polkinghorne, cautions that in this environment consumers need to take great care to ensure their personal balance sheets hold up to additional scrutiny.

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Landmark deal transforms South African securities industry
Feb 12, 2019

Legae Peresec becomes largest broker on JSE

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African mining shows steady progress in an uncertain world
Feb 05, 2019

Innovative mining finance lends African miners wriggle-room in challenged global economy

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Standard Bank launches direct custody services in Angola
Dec 10, 2018

Standard Bank is pleased to announce the launch of Direct Custody Services in Angola which expands its African custody coverage to 15 countries across the continent, maintaining the bank’s leading position as the largest Investor Services provider in Africa.

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Investing in and financing Science and Technology innovation remains key
Nov 26, 2018

Standard Bank’s Khwezi Tiya, Sector Head for Oil & Gas in South Africa, unpacked some of the intricacies around investing in and financing science and technology innovation, at the recent Science, Technology and Innovation Draft White Paper Summit, called by the Minister of Science and Technology, South Africa.

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Imperial Holdings separation set to deliver two market leading companies on the JSE
Nov 22, 2018

Imperial Logistics and Motus to embark on their own journeys as separately-listed entities, under focused management teams to achieve their respective strategic goals.

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East Africa’s oil and gas sector presents powerful collective investment proposition
Nov 07, 2018

The scope, scale and spread of current and future oil and gas infrastructure development projects in East Africa is positioning the region as a hotbed of oil and gas exploration, investment and infrastructure build. The knock-on effects of this growth are evolving a regionally integrated oil producing and gas supply and distribution ecosystem likely to increase efficiency and security of supply. It is also expected to reduce the costs of refined oil and gas products for consumers over the long term.

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Government reforms to start delivering results for investors by end 2019
Nov 01, 2018

Government’s key reforms will likely deliver better growth by the end of 2019, Standard Bank’s Chief Executive of Corporate and Investment Banking, Kenny Fihla remarked at the opening of the 6th annual South Africa Tomorrow Investor Conference in New York.

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Standard Bank scoops 16 awards for its activities across Africa
Oct 29, 2018

Standard Bank Group, Africa’s leading bank by assets, has been recognised for its work across Africa, scooping 13 awards from Global Finance at this year’s annual SIBOS conference, hosted in Sydney.

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SBG Securities enters into research cooperation agreement with Jefferies to distribute global equity research in Republic of South Africa
Oct 26, 2018

SBG Securities (Pty) Limited, (“SBG Securities”), a subsidiary of Standard Bank Group, and Jefferies LLC, (“Jefferies”), announced that they have entered into a research distribution agreement.

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Deutsche Bank and Standard Bank of South Africa Sign Memorandum of Understanding
Oct 26, 2018

Deutsche Bank has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with The Standard Bank of South Africa Limited.

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TCS’s Quartz Blockchain Solution powers Landmark Cross Border Data Exchange in Africa
Oct 24, 2018

TCS Completes Innovative Pilot for Cross Border Corporate Action Data Exchange in Africa; a Potential Pan-African Ecosystem on the Horizon.

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Standard Bank and French development finance institution Proparco pave way for local currency lending in Africa
Oct 18, 2018

Innovative funding structure holds potential to deepen Africa’s domestic capital markets.

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Africa’s debt capital markets resilient in a sea of global change
Oct 16, 2018

Activity in Africa’s debt capital markets remains remarkably resilient despite global trade wars, Brexit concerns and high interest rates in a resurgent United States economy which is translating into emerging market jitters.

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Real estate offers Africa opportunity to deploy global capital on a much larger scale
Sep 19, 2018

To deploy global investment on a significant scale Africa needs to develop the domestic conditions to absorb the much higher levels of global real estate investment currently considering Africa.

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Renminbi presents Africa with cost and efficiency advantages
Aug 01, 2018

Slow uptake of Chinese currency in Africa belies Renminbi’s potential to support African growth.

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Standard Bank continues to drive diversification of South Africa’s energy supply
Jul 10, 2018

Standard Bank is the mandated lead arranger, underwriter and hedge provider of seven of the total 27 projects which have signed power purchase agreements with Eskom as part of South Africa’s Renewable Energy Independent Power Producer Procurement Programme, (REIPPPP), after a long delay. Standard Bank was the first bank to close a project under this round, with a total of four projects already closed. The remaining projects have until end July to reach financial close.

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Off grid and captive power solutions sustain investment in Africa's energy sector
Jun 13, 2018

With recent reports estimating that six hundred million people are without access to electricity in sub-Saharan Africa, significant and sustained investment is required across Africa’s entire energy generation and supply value chain.

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Standard Bank, SBG Securities retains standing as Best Research House based on Financial Mail Ranking The Analysts 2018 Survey
May 31, 2018

Standard Bank Research was voted the Best Research House for the third consecutive year out of 34 competing banks and brokers.

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Africa’s Fintech culture transforming continent’s FX landscape
May 22, 2018

Africa’s fragmented markets and lack of legacy foreign exchange trading infrastructure means that the continent has become a melting pot of fintech activity and innovation.

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Africa emerges as new global oil and gas hub
May 10, 2018

Technology, capital and market dynamics focus attention on world’s last energy frontier.

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Standard Bank builds West African presence with bank launch in Cote d'Ivoire
Apr 09, 2018

In a further step to cementing its presence in the Francophone West Africa region, Africa’s largest bank, Standard Bank has opened a fully licensed bank focussing on the needs of Corporate and Investment banking clients in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire.

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Emerging investment holding companies transforming South African business landscape
Mar 27, 2018

Today many of South Africa's first generation of black economic empowerment (BEE) transactions have matured, producing a second wave of black-owned and operated businesses.

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Standard Bank acts as lead adviser on M-BIRR's €8m equity raise
Mar 19, 2018

Standard Bank Group (“Standard Bank”) has acted as exclusive financial adviser to M-BIRR Ltd (“M-BIRR”) which recently completed a successful equity raise of €8m. M-BIRR is a leading mobile technology company in Ethiopia and the leading mobile money service in the country.

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Africa driving its own development agenda
Mar 12, 2018

Technology, legislation and domestic capital converge to drive African growth.

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Digitisation to overcome African trade barriers
Feb 27, 2018

JOHANNESBURG, 27 February 2018: Digitally integrating Africa’s higher risk trade transaction ecosystem into a global economy returning to growth offers Africa a unique opportunity to drive inclusive and sustainable development.

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2018 presents best prospects in a decade for African mining
Feb 06, 2018

Sustained commodity price growth and reduced costs are combining new technology trends with synchronised global growth to present Africa’s mining sector with the best prospects in over a decade.

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Standard Bank and ICBC finance game-changing Mozambique LNG deal
Jan 17, 2018

Investment in Mozambique’s Coral FLNG project set to return country to growth

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Financing innovative technology solutions to power Africa
Dec 12, 2017

New off-grid energy solutions hold the potential to provide much of Africa’s currently marginalised rural population with access to affordable electricity.

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Nairobi’s decade-long retail real estate build positions East Africa’s financial hub for future growth
Dec 07, 2017

JOHANNESBURG, 7 December 2017: From 2000 to 2008 Nairobi’s added 72 000 square meters of retail real estate to East Africa’s largest commercial hub. This build was spread across three shopping precincts. In the nine years from 2009 to 2017 the city added another 351 900 square meters of retail real estate across 17 developments. This expansion represents nearly five times the retail real estate build of the previous decade.

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Standard Bank wins at FX Week Best Bank Awards second year running
Nov 30, 2017

Johannesburg, 30 November 2017: FX Week has awarded Standard Bank “Best Bank for the South African Rand” and “Best Bank for African Currencies excluding ZAR” for the second year running in their annual global foreign exchange survey and awards.

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Hydro-carbons potential game-changer for growth and transformation
Nov 22, 2017

JOHANNESBURG, 22 November 2017: With the latest iteration of South Africa’s Mineral and Petroleum Resources Development Act expected to be completed by the end of 2017 and the Integrated Energy Resource Plan nearing completion, South Africa is set to leverage its largely unexplored and underdeveloped oil and gas sector to re-ignite growth able to drive broad and inclusive participation across the entire economy.

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Fifth Annual South Africa Tomorrow Investors Conference Reinforces That South Africa Remains Open for Business
Nov 09, 2017

Standard Bank Sponsors New York City Event to Bring South African Corporates, Government Leaders and International Investors Together

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Accessing African credit opportunities
Oct 26, 2017

A Bloomberg League Table recently ranked Standard Bank 12th globally in terms of the volume of Credit Linked Note (“CLN”) issuance in US$ equivalent.

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Standard Bank wins Africa awards at SIBOS 2017
Oct 23, 2017

Standard Bank Group has scooped 38 awards for its work across Africa, from Global Finance, EMEA Finance, GTR, Global Investor and The Banker at the annual SIBOS conference, hosted in Toronto.

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Standard Bank joins CCRM - global digital Trade risk network
Oct 19, 2017

Standard Bank has signed an agreement with CCRManager Pte Ltd, a global trade FinTech company, joining their global innovative electronic platform as a member bank.

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Weathering Africa’s commercial real estate storm
Aug 23, 2017

Innovative financing solutions realises African real estate opportunity JOHANNESBURG, 23 August 2017: The brilliant thing about working in Africa is the continent’s ability to change - and adapt - almost instantly. While at first glance this is often interpreted as a challenge or a risk, the importance of adopting a, “glass-half-full approach has never been more essential than in Africa’s current real estate environment,” says Gerhard Zeelie, Head of Real Estate Finance, Africa Regions, at Standard Bank.

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Standard Bank reports robust results for the interim period end 30 June 2017
Aug 17, 2017

Standard Bank Group’s results for the period ended 30 June 2017 were robust, underpinned by its universal client offering, geographic diversity and increasingly digital capabilities.

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Standard Bank acts as Joint Lead Manager and Bookrunner on Liquid Telecom’s debut High Yield Bond offering
Aug 03, 2017

Johannesburg, 18 July 2017: On 6 July 2017, Standard Bank acted as Joint Lead Manager and Bookrunner on Liquid Telecom’s debut high yield bond offering.

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Standard Bank supports transformation of South African private hospital sector
Jul 10, 2017

Standard Bank is proud to have supported Busamed in its recent acquisition of the operations of Gateway and Hillcrest private hospitals from Ross Healthcare.

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Listed residential funds could re-ignite South Africa’s residential build
Jun 19, 2017

Standard Bank believes that South Africa has an opportunity to re-invigorate its affordable residential build sector through the establishment of listed residential funds.

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Technology rewrites Africa’s energy future
Jun 07, 2017

New disruptive technologies are changing the way that energy generation and distribution is understood and funded in Africa.

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Africa’s growth driven by convergence of telecoms, technology and media
May 30, 2017

Nina Triantis, Global Head of Telecommunications at Standard Bank believes that the current convergence between telecommunications, technology and media provides a new lens through which to understand Africa’s rapidly evolving growth - and future potential.

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Global consumer themes combine with new technologies to create African opportunity
May 18, 2017

Key global consumer themes are now also evident and relevant in Africa. Combined with new technologies this presents Africans with a real opportunity to participate – as producers and suppliers of consumer products – in the world’s rapidly evolving and expanding consumer market.

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Standard Bank’s USD120 million financing deal helps power up energy supply in Zimbabwe
May 15, 2017

Standard Bank, as mandated Lead Arranger, has finalised a USD120 million debt package with Zimbabwe Power Company (ZPC), for the rehabilitation of existing power infrastructure at Kariba South Hydro Power Station and Hwange Thermal Power Station.

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Partnership in African agribusiness leading to opportunities on the continent
May 11, 2017

Organic growth and global partnerships are seeing Africa’s dynamic domestic agribusinesses rapidly develop new markets for African food products across the continent.

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Dual currency funding absorbs liquidity shocks in African Real Estate Market
Apr 04, 2017

Funding commercial property developments with a mix of hard and local currency provides an innovative mechanism for Africa’s commercial real estate sector, to mitigate currency volatility and liquidity risk says Standard Bank.

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Expanding global trade remains key driver of world prosperity and stability
Mar 09, 2017

Cape Town, 9 March 2017: The expansion of global trade over the last 50 years has created industries, jobs and value on an unprecedented scale, driving innovation and technological advances and in the process, benefitting most of the countries, most of the time.

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Standard Bank continues to grow its business across Africa
Mar 02, 2017

Standard Bank Group continued to grow its businesses both in South Africa and in its Africa regions franchise despite the elevated levels of macro, political and policy uncertainty experienced in many of the markets in which the group operates.

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ETFs track fortunes of platinum-group metals
Feb 08, 2017

Precious metal Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) have evolved a long way from being the new kids on the metals investment scene. Today ETFs act as a market barometer for underlying investor demand and a potential window into the future metal demand and prices.

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Standard Bank scoops awards for Bank of the Year
Dec 12, 2016

Standard Bank Group has been awarded ‘Regional Bank of the Year – Africa’ by the Banker Magazine for 2016.

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Bringing clarity to Africa’s corporate transaction landscape
Dec 08, 2016

In spite of the current challenges facing the M&A landscape in Africa, there are pockets of opportunity as businesses review their strategies in response to changing global realities.

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Spire Awards affirm Standard Bank’s client-centric approach
Dec 01, 2016

Walking away from the 15th annual JSE Spire Awards in 2016 with six accolades covering fixed income, currency and commodity derivatives markets, “confirmed the relevance of Standard Bank’s client-centric strategy - delivering consistently good work in a tough macro-economic environment,” said Stephen Barnes, Head, Client Solutions & Distribution for Global Markets at Standard Bank.

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Standard Bank awarded Best Bank for South African Rand and African Currencies
Dec 01, 2016

Standard Bank, Africa’s biggest lender by assets, has been awarded the Best Bank for South African Rand and the Best Bank for African Currencies excluding the Rand, in FX Week’s 2016 survey of the global foreign exchange industry.

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African debt capital markets resilient in face of growth challenges
Nov 30, 2016

Debt capital markets in Africa remain resilient, displaying innovation in response to challenging regional and global environments.

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Africa’s custodians actively developing domestic capital markets
Nov 28, 2016

Today the role of the custodian in Africa has evolved. This is especially evident in the way custodians are focusing on meeting both business and client needs to initiate and enable development of the continent’s capital markets.

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Africa’s growth drives emergence of renminbi as global reserve currency
Oct 26, 2016

Future Chinese-African economic relations will see Africa leverage the renminbi as a global reserve and trading currency

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Intra-African services industry a growing reality
Oct 19, 2016

Botswana based multi-national ecotourism company, Wilderness Safaris, operating nearly 40 luxury safari camps across eight African countries, has successfully raised a USD35 million bilateral loan for the purchase of a new ecotourism company in Kenya and for further expansion across Africa.

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Standard Bank hosts first ICMA workshop in South Africa
Oct 17, 2016

Bringing global capital market capabilities to Africa The Standard Bank of South Africa Limited (“Standard Bank”), Africa’s largest bank by assets, recently hosted Africa’s first International Capital Market Association (ICMA) workshop in Johannesburg.

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Standard Bank recognised for excellence across Africa
Oct 06, 2016

Standard Bank Group, Africa’s largest bank by assets, has been recognised for excellence across the continent, scooping 16 awards in the 2016 EMEA Finance African Banking awards, including Best Investment Bank in Africa for the ninth consecutive year.

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South Africa is open for business
Oct 03, 2016

A group of leading South African business executives, key government officials and labour representatives are in New York to tell the South African investment story to international investors.

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Standard Bank voted Best Overall Bank in Africa
Sep 29, 2016

Standard Bank Group, Africa’s largest bank by assets has been voted the Best Overall Bank in Africa in the 2016 Euromoney Real Estate Survey Awards for the fourth consecutive year.

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Standard Bank scoops 27 awards at SIBOS 2016
Sep 28, 2016

Standard Bank Group, Africa’s largest bank by assets, scooped 27 awards from Global Finance, Euromoney and EMEA Finance Treasury Services. The awards were presented at the annual Sibos conference currently underway in Geneva.

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Managing risk and driving trade will shape next chapter of the African growth story
Sep 27, 2016

“A correct understanding of risk in Africa – along with an appreciation of the growth potential yet to be unlocked by trade; both cross-border and intra-Africa, provides global corporates with a new lens through which to identify and access African growth,” says Vinod Madhavan, Head, Transactional Products and Services, Africa at Standard Bank.

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Standard Bank, OPIC And Wells Fargo Sign $300 Million Facility To Support Power And Infrastructure Projects In Africa
Sep 21, 2016

New York, NY – Standard Bank of South Africa (SBSA), the Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC), the U.S. Government’s development finance institution, and Wells Fargo Bank announced a $300 million facility to fund power and infrastructure projects in Africa. The 12-year funding line for Standard Bank, the largest African banking group by assets, was signed on the side lines of the US-Africa Business Forum in New York City. SBSA will provide $33 million from its balance sheet to support transactions financed by the facility.

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Blending a basket of currencies with a bank hedge reduces African currency volatility risk
Aug 16, 2016

A hybrid facility, blending a basket of local and hard currency with a bank hedge, provides an alternative to managing currency volatility and liquidity risk in African commercial property transactions.

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Partnerships crucial to fuelling Kenya’s growth
Jul 11, 2016

The prospects for East Africa as a trading bloc remain promising despite the current headwinds being faced in the global economy.

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Standard Bank recognised at 2016 Euromoney Awards for Excellence
Jul 07, 2016

Standard Bank has been recognised as Africa’s Best Bank for Markets and Africa’s Best Bank for Wealth Management at the 2016 Euromoney Awards for Excellence, in London.

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Standard Bank leads on 2016 Eurobond issuance in Africa
Jun 30, 2016

Standard Bank has acted as Joint Lead Manager and Bookrunner on Banque Ouest Africaine de Développement’s (BOAD) inaugural Eurobond. The US$750 million 5 year issuance is BOAD’s debut Eurobond and matches in size the largest ever US$ Eurobond issue by any African financial institution. The Bank has also worked on local currency bond issuances across Africa this year, including four from the Republic of Ghana (for Stanbic Bank Ghana), two issuances each from Bayport Financial Services in Ghana and Mozambique and the first Namibia dollar (“NAD”) denominated domestic bond issuance by the International Finance Corporation (IFC).

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Africa uniquely placed to develop a diverse and sustainable energy mix
Jun 21, 2016

Africa is uniquely placed to build a sustainable, renewable energy matrix with immense potential, says Rentia van Tonder, Head: Power at Standard Bank.

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Standard Bank secures N$700-million 5-Year Bond
Jun 02, 2016

Standard Bank is proud to have successfully sealed a 5-year Namibia Dollar Bond issuance in the local capital markets.

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Power trading will drive electricity landscape over the next five years
May 17, 2016

Power trading agreements between countries that possess excess power generating capacity and those battling supply shortages will be a dominant theme in the electricity markets of south-central African nations in the next three to five years, says Standard Bank.

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Businesses that understand and grasp the African consumer market growth opportunity stand to reap powerful rewards
May 04, 2016

The burgeoning African consumer sector offers attractive opportunities to businesses looking to enter new markets. But the key to unlocking these opportunities is sound commercial navigation and balance-sheet backing. In addition, understanding the intricacies of the local consumer landscape is crucial.

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Off-grid solutions becoming an important consideration in the power sector
Apr 26, 2016

South Africa is currently one of the most attractive destinations for power project developers, sponsors and energy players seeking investment opportunities to support and grow power projects. One of the key drivers for any power sector player remains an enabling environment with long term sustainability and commitment to enhance and support growth.

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Standard Bank Group secures US$95 million facility upsizing for Helios Towers Tanzania
Apr 19, 2016

Standard Bank Group is pleased to announce the successful completion of a US$95 million equivalent upsizing of the syndicated term loan facilities for Helios Towers Tanzania Ltd (HTT), a subsidiary of Helios Towers Africa Ltd (HTA), to finance the next phase of expansion of its network of telecommunications towers across Tanzania. Over the last five years, HTT has grown its operations and built a robust track record of operational excellence and client-focused service.

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Standard Bank secures US$1 billion loan from top international banks
Apr 15, 2016

The Standard Bank of South Limited (SBSA) has signed a US$1 billion, 36-month, term loan facility in London today. The transaction was initially launched on 4 March 2016 at US$ 600 million and was well oversubscribed allowing for a final take up of US$1 billion. The facility is priced at 120 basis points over Libor.

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Cash, trade and securities innovations are connecting Africa to the world
Apr 05, 2016

In late 2008 the global economy entered into a financial crisis that became the catalyst for a shift in the way transactional banking was viewed by corporate clients and their bankers all over the world.

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Standard Bank wins best FX provider in Africa award for fourth year running
Feb 16, 2016

Standard Bank Group was named the best foreign exchange provider in Africa at the recent 2016 Global Finance World’s Best Foreign Exchange Providers Awards. This is the fourth year in a row in which Standard Bank, Africa’s largest by assets, has won in the Africa category.

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Standard Bank wins Risk Emerging Markets Dealer of the Year award for 2016
Feb 01, 2016

Standard Bank Group, Africa’s largest bank by assets, has won the prestigious Risk Emerging Markets Dealer of the Year award for 2016, following a strong performance by its team in challenging market conditions.

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Standard Bank finances multi-million dollar Solar Power Plant
Jan 25, 2016

Standard Bank has set the trend in becoming the first commercial bank to finance a multi-million dollar solar power generation in Namibia. The N$170-million term loan facility came after Standard Bank signed the deal with HopSol Power Generation last month.

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Standard Bank and ICBC to raise R10 billion to support SA power generation
Dec 04, 2015

Over the next five years, Standard Bank will assist its strategic partner, the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC) to raise R10 billion to support the development of South Africa's power generation infrastructure, said Standard Bank Group Chief Executive Sim Tshabalala.

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Standard Bank completes its PGM exchange traded fund stable
Dec 02, 2015

Standard Bank will on Friday, 4 December list the first rhodium-backed exchange traded fund, (ETF), in South Africa and Africa, to complete its suite of available ETFs across the platinum group metal space.

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Higher liquidity levels open the door to more corporate issuance in Africa’s debt capital markets
Nov 30, 2015

The Nigerian and Kenyan debt markets are poised for growth following a turbulent few months, says Standard Bank. An increase in capital requirements for the public sector and the need for more sophisticated products by financial institutions have been major drivers of debt capital markets across key regions in Africa.

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Development of African capital markets to be driven by domestic institutional investors
Nov 26, 2015

The growth of the pension funds, insurance and mutual fund industry together with the rollout of more sophisticated trading and settlement infrastructure is accelerating the overall development of capital markets in Africa, says Standard Bank.

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Dual currency funding structures can help stabilise real estate markets in sub-Saharan Africa
Nov 17, 2015

Dual currency funding structures can bring stability and robustness to real estate deals in sub-Saharan Africa, as developers and retailers seek solutions to the volatility currently faced in their domestic economies. Traditionally, most property development projects are financed in dollars to assist in creating a sustainable and predictable funding environment for the assets.

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Standard Bank partners with Dubai business forum to promote Africa growth and development
Nov 16, 2015

Over a 1000 influential and prominent people from across Africa and the Middle East meet in Dubai this week to explore how they can work together to ensure that Africa becomes an engine of global growth.

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Standard Bank scoops 22 awards for its activities across Africa at SIBOS 2015
Oct 14, 2015

Standard Bank Group, Africa’s leading bank by assets, collected 22 awards in the EMEA Finance’s Treasury Services Awards and Global Finance's World's Best Bank Awards, both for 2015. The awards were presented at the Sibos conference in Singapore.

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Standard Bank recognised by The Banker as “Most Innovative Investment Bank from Africa” for 2015
Oct 08, 2015

The Standard Bank Group has been acknowledged as the Most Innovative Investment Bank from Africa by The Banker, in their 2015 investment banking awards.

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Banks to play bigger role in pension administration as demand for independent reporting and lower costs increase
Sep 28, 2015

The role of custodians is advancing beyond traditional functions of safeguarding assets and settling trades, to the full administration of pension fund investments.

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Standard Bank West African Investors Conference held
Sep 19, 2015

The Standard Bank West African Investors Conference, a confab that enables investors to get first-hand information from listed companies on the Ghana Stock Exchange (GSE), has been held in Accra.

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Standard Bank signs trilateral cooperation agreement
Sep 14, 2015

Johannesburg, South Africa 14 September 2015 - Standard Bank today signed a trilateral business cooperation agreement with Woori Bank and the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC) to promote mutual cooperation in relation to business expansion in Africa.

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Standard Bank receives accolades at 2015 Euromoney Real Estate Survey Awards
Sep 08, 2015

Standard Bank Group, Africa’s largest bank by assets has been voted the Best Overall Bank in Africa in the 2015 Euromoney Real Estate Survey Awards. Standard Bank also received several additional awards in recognition of its ability to tailor solutions for clients in an increasingly complex marketplace.

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Real estate in Africa continues to drive growth potential, says Standard Bank Group
Aug 24, 2015

A growing consumer middle-class, powered by rapid urbanisation and shifting demographic trends is driving both property demand and growth opportunities in the real estate industry across the African continent.

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Exchange control relaxation in 2015 opens door to portfolio diversification, says Standard Bank Group
Aug 06, 2015

The relaxation of exchange controls announced in the 2015 Budget offers investors the opportunity to internationalise their asset bases and limit the risk of having all their eggs in a highly localised portfolio.

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Innovative partnerships can drive empowerment initiatives in the property sector, says Standard Bank Group
Jul 30, 2015

Standard Bank Group is proud to be partnering with Resilient Property Income Fund Limited, Capital Property Fund Limited and Fortress Income Fund Limited, who are key participants in the success of the Siyakha Education Trust.

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Standard Bank Group plays key role in driving trade and supply chain finance efficiencies across Africa
Jul 28, 2015

Greater levels of trade will fuel Africa’s growth but companies need to be better positioned to seize the opportunities by improving their working capital management capabilities and access to finance to fund these opportunities, says Standard Bank Group.

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Standard Bank Group top custodian for sixth consecutive year
Jul 20, 2015

Standard Bank Group has been awarded “Custodian of the Year” at the annual Imbasa Yegolide Awards presented by Batseta, the Council of Retirement Funds for South Africa. A custodian is a financial institution offering trade settlement, safekeeping of assets and corporate event processing.

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Standard Bank Group recognised in the EMEA Finance Achievement Awards 2014
Jun 18, 2015

Standard Bank Group, Africa’s leading lender by assets, has again been recognised at the annual EMEA Finance Achievement Awards, scooping 21 accolades across the capital markets and project finance categories.

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Standard Bank Group signs R1 billion debt facility with Durban’s Shree Property Holdings
Jun 17, 2015

Standard Bank Group, Africa’s biggest lender by assets and earnings, has signed a debt facility of R1 billion rand with South African Durban based company in, Shree Property Holdings, to enable the company to refinance existing loan facilities and acquire new properties to add to its industrial property portfolio in province of KwaZulu-Natal.

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Easier financing is helping fast track energy projects and bridge gaps
Jun 11, 2015

More workable and pragmatic models for project finance are helping improve the pace of projects in Africa and remove some of the bottlenecks that existed previously.

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Standard Bank Group becomes first African bank to chair Equator Principles Association
Jun 01, 2015

Standard Bank Group has been appointed the new chair of the Equator Principles Association for 2015/16, making it the first African Bank to be elected to this position.

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Angolan government’s actions and improved capital market access, aids recovery from oil price fall
May 14, 2015

Investors remain cautious after the more than 50% drop in the oil price and recent credit rating downgrades in Angola, but recent signs of price stability and quick government action to manage the situation are expected to encourage development opportunities in the future.

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$120bn trade finance gap is holding back African growth opportunities, cautions Standard Bank Group
May 13, 2015

“Lack of access to affordable trade finance is holding back the economic and employment potential of African countries,” says Vinod Madhavan, Head of Transactional Products and Services, South Africa at Standard Bank Group.

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Standard Bank Group scoops accolades in The Banker Deals of the Year Awards for 2015
May 11, 2015

Standard Bank Group, Africa’s largest lender by assets, has scooped five regional deal accolades in The Banker Deals of the Year Awards 2015. These awards recognise excellence for deals completed across Africa, taking into account the various categories for deal submissions.

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Super-premium beer market to grow 30% this year and 35% in 2016, Standard Bank says
May 05, 2015

The super-premium beer market in South Africa, (traditionally called craft beer), may still be in the fledgling stages of its development, but the market is estimated by Standard Bank Group to grow 30% this year and another 35% in 2016.

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Standard Bank Group wins Super Regional award in Profit & Loss Services’ 2015 Digital FX Awards
Apr 28, 2015

Standard Bank Group, Africa’s biggest lender by assets, has won the Super Regional award for its eMarketTrader platform in the in the 2015 Profit & Loss Services Digital FX Awards.

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Price speculators spur buying interest in oil exchange-traded note
Apr 10, 2015

The oil price shock is still reverberating throughout the world, but Standard Bank Group’s West Texas Intermediate crude oil tracking exchange-traded note has received a spike in buying interest over the last six weeks as investors try and pick the bottom of the oil market.

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Standard Bank Group signs US$250 million loan
Mar 27, 2015

Standard Bank Group signed a US$250 million loan agreement with the Japan Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC). The credit line is co-financed by Mizuho Bank, Ltd, with JBIC providing a partial guarantee for the co-financed portion. The funding will be used by Standard Bank Group to on-lend to green energy projects in sub-Saharan Africa.

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China’s investment in African resources “Still at an early stage and on a clear path”, says Standard Bank Group
Feb 26, 2015

China’s investment in African resources remains at a relatively early stage and is likely to increase further over the next decade. This is despite the economic slowdown being experienced in the world’s second largest economy, according to Standard Bank Group, the continent’s biggest lender by assets.

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Standard Bank Group facilitation of Woolworths' ground-breaking acquisition wins Deal of the Year
Feb 18, 2015

The R21.4 billion acquisition by Woolworths of David Jones has won the Deal of the Year 2014 award at the Cell C DealMakers Annual Gala Awards Banquet, hosted in Johannesburg, South Africa last night. Standard Bank Group, Africa's largest lender by assets, acted as joint financial and debt advisor, lead debt provider, transaction sponsor, joint book runner and underwriter to Woolworths Holdings Limited, on the acquisition of the iconic Australian department store retailer and on the R2.2bn offer to the remaining Country Road minorities.

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GEPF chooses Standard Bank Group to provide Master Custody and Recordkeeping Services for its more than R1.5 trillion of assets
Feb 11, 2015

Africa’s largest pension fund, the Government Employees Pension Fund (GEPF), has chosen Standard Bank Group to provide a full range of investor services product solutions for its more than R1.5-trillion of assets under management.

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Batten down the hatches on industrial commodities, says Standard Bank expert
Feb 10, 2015

Investors in industrial commodities may need to batten down the hatches in the year ahead, while precious metals could show improved signs of growth over the next three years, says the Head of International Mining and Metals at Standard Bank, Rajat Kohli.

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African mining prospects remain intact despite cautious 2015, Standard Bank says
Feb 09, 2015

2015 will continue to be challenging for the global mining industry. Commodity prices are not anticipated to exhibit material improvement, impacting on sector valuations and the ability to raise financing. But, amid a more sober outlook, the prospects for mining in Africa remains essentially intact over the medium term, according to Standard Bank Group, Africa's biggest lender by assets.

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Standard Bank named `Bank of the Year’ for Middle East & Africa at 2014 PFI Awards Ceremony
Feb 05, 2015

Standard Bank has been awarded Middle East & Africa Bank of the Year in the 2014 Project Finance International (PFI) Awards in recognition of its key role in arranging some of the most strategically significant power infrastructure transactions on the African continent last year. Africa’s biggest lender by assets, Standard Bank was recognised for its role in arranging a €625.3 million facility for the Lake Turkana wind farm project in Kenya; the structuring of USD893 million in funding for a 340 Megawatt (MW) power plant in Ghana; as well as arranging of USD 170 million in debt to build a 118 MW gas-fired power plant in Mozambique.

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Standard Bank Group sells 60% of London-based operations
Feb 02, 2015

Standard Bank Group signed the closing documents with Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Limited (ICBC) to cement the completion of the disposal of a 60% stake in Standard Bank Plc on 1 February 2015.

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Standard Bank Arranges USD 1.25 Billion Eskom Bond Sale to International Investors
Feb 02, 2015

Standard Bank South Africa is proud to have partnered with Eskom to sell USD 1.25 billion 10 year fixed rate bonds into the international capital markets. The funds raised will enable the state-run utility, which produces more than 95% of South Africa's and 40% of Africa's power, to fund its generation expansion program.

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Standard Bank Group recognised as ‘Most Innovative Investment Bank From Africa’
Oct 06, 2014

Standard Bank Group has been acknowledged as the “Most Innovative Investment Bank From Africa” by The Banker magazine, one of the most highly-regarded global financial publications.

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Standard Bank leads on largest Sub-Saharan Africa Sukuk
Sep 22, 2014

Standard Bank has acted as Joint Lead Manager on the National Treasury of South Africa’s debut Sukuk in the international capital markets. The US$500m 5.75-year Sukuk is the largest Sukuk issuance from Sub-Saharan Africa and only the third Sukuk to be issued by a non-Islamic country. It follows Sukuk issues by the UK in June this year and Hong Kong earlier this month. The Sukuk will be used to fund South Africa’s National Revenue Fund. It also creates a benchmark for the market which will assist state-owned companies to access diversified sources of funding from Islamic investors. The resounding success of the transaction positions South Africa as a future hub for Islamic finance in Africa.

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Standard Bank receives several awards at Euromoney Real Estate Survey Awards 2014
Sep 11, 2014

Standard Bank Group, Africa’s largest bank by assets and earnings has received several prestigious awards in numerous categories in the 2014 Euromoney Real Estate Survey Awards. The awards speak to Standard Bank’s ability to deliver solutions that showcase the group’s real estate expertise and in-depth knowledge across various markets on the African continent.

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