Swan Bridge, Primary Funder, R736.5m

Feb 01, 2018

Standard Bank - through the Real Estate Finance division - was the Primary Funder of R736.5 million to Swan Bridge Investment Holdings in support of a medium-term loan and a minority’s buy-out. This was achieved by providing the most efficient and flexible funding solution to buying out minority shareholders using Preference Shares and understanding the challenges involved with the corporate restructure of the group when structuring the takeover from Investec.

This was not your off-the-shelf standard solution to a typical finance problem. Our customer-centric model meant that we forged a close working relationship between Swan Bridge and the real estate finance team in order to understand the real estate projects on the ground, current business objectives and the rules of engagement needed to move the partnership into the future. 

Standard Bank’s commitment to Swan Bridge is backed by deep sectoral understanding and commercial pragmatism to ensure that this was a win-win solution for all parties concerned.

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