Botswana has a small population of just over 2 million people and a high GDP per capita compared to its peers in the region. Its strong economic performance is the result of sound macroeconomic policy, good governance and well-functioning institutions.
Botswana at a glance

Botswana has the highest investment grade rating in Africa, and generates most of its income from diamond exports through a well-managed sector. With a stable legal and regulatory environment, Botswana provides a suitable entry into Africa. Its financial market is well-developed and fairly liquid, with steady access to capital.

Quick view:

  • Population: 2 100 000
  • Nominal GDP: USD15.5 billion
  • Real GDP growth: 4.6%
  • CPI: 3.4%

* 2015 forecast

Sector expertise in Botswana

Mining is the mainstay of the local economy, accounting for around a quarter of GDP. Diamonds make up half of the value generated by the sector with strong activity in soda ash, copper, gold and coal. Diamonds are cut and polished locally and is an important local employer.

Despite its reliance on mining, Botswana is facing a challenge in securing adequate transport for its exports. Plans are being considered for railway infrastructure that would expand its export potential but will take years to materialise.

Wholesale and retail trade, as well as tourism are also important sectors along with construction, public sector and financial institutions.

Our sector specialists provide insights into the conditions and challenges faced on-the-ground by our clients. We develop working solutions by understanding all players in the sector value chain, and coordinate and execute.

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Products and service in Botswana

Stanbic Bank Botswana provides products and services that cut across a universal banking offering. In the corporate and investment banking space, our offering spans from vanilla corporate banking through to customised investment banking products. This is complemented by business-related products including banking cards, vehicle asset financing, workplace banking and market-leading electronic banking suites.

Our comprehensive range of products and services include:

  • Transactional services
    • International cash management
    • International trade services
    • Custodial and securities services
    • Online banking
  • Debt and equity finance
    • Debt solutions including asset finance, debt origination and securitisation
    • Acquisition finance
    • Project finance
    • Property finance
    • Structured trade and commodity finance
  • Trading and risk management
    • Foreign exchange
    • Money markets
    • Hedging solutions
  • Corporate advisory services
    • Mergers and acquisitions

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